185 Reasons Government Should Spend Less

If you’re hosting or attending a Tea Party event, this is a must read! This backgrounder from The Heritage Foundation is actually from March, 2005, but its relativity to today’s crisis and current issues is so significant that I thought it important to post this.  It is a thoroughly detailed paper on “The Impact of Government Spending on Economic Growth”, and it contains an aggregate of literally 185 specific references to solid published research studies to support its findings.  It provides very engaging and compelling information that illustrates the negative consequences of excessive social welfare programs and government spending.

Nearly every reference is so concise and so easily understood that each could stand on its own as a powerful, informational stand-alone quote for use in demonstrating your points to support the case for smaller government.

If you’re hosting or attending a Tea Party event, this is a must read! Because we all know that the cause we are promoting out there is about far more than just taxes. Make sure you get that message out, and be well-informed when you do it.



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