Obama’s Astroturf: “The many roles of David Axelrod”

Liberty Chick commentary on the 4/7/2009 Politico article.

You know, I’m in Marketing and not too much really surprises me these days. Mind-control marketing tactics have been around since the early 1900’s, and they’ll always be in prime use for as long as people continue to behave like sheep (and we always will).  I’ve known many people in the marketing strategy circles, and some have even caught my interest personally in as much as I’d observe them as a “case study” of sorts.  To see how some of history’s best marketers got their masses to drool and to believe, and to tell the next one to believe.  But the truth is, you think that in our country the guerilla tactics of campaign strategy end for the most part when the presidential campaign ends. You don’t really think that the same level of intensity and trickery carries over into the actual White House. One would like to think that the office of the President of the US is too ethical to allow, let alone endorse and DEPEND UPON such tactics. Well, send me back into the flock of sheep I guess, because I thought that ethics would win. Apparently I was wrong.

You won’t believe some of this when you read this article from Politico; very eye-opening. Then again, it would certainly explain why our President seems so out of touch with the reality of most real, average Americans.  These articles mention Axelrod’s close involvement in some of the nation’s most important meetings, including those on National Security issues…in some instances, in the President’s place.  (Hmmmm….Maybe Axelrod okayed the hit on the Somalian pirates.  Oooh, and maybe he is also the one really managing GM?) OK, a little sarcasm…but really it does bother me that we seem to be addressing everything these days in the White House like it’s solely a marketing campaign, and not from the perspective of what’s really best for Americans and for what our Constitution had intended. Sure, marketing and PR always plays some role in policy, but it should never dominate it. That’s not being fair to all Americans.


Read the story – it will only take a moment and you’ll be concerned:
“The many roles of David Axelrod”
, http://www.politico.com/news/stories/0409/20949.html


An additional article from BusinessWeek provides additional insight:
“The Secret Side of David Axelrod”

UPDATED 4/24/2009:

Given the antics of this week’s horribly botched series of announcements from the White House, Alex Conant insightfully asks “Are wheels coming off Obama message machine?”Read his post here.



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4 responses to “Obama’s Astroturf: “The many roles of David Axelrod”

  1. Dan Barnes

    Whatever Axelrod may become, no matter how high he may climb in terms of influence or importance, he’ll still never reach the heights of Karl Rove.

    That man was, for all accounts, the President for 8 years.

    I spend my entire day following the events of Washington; I’m as informed and objective as they come. You, unfortunately, are not.

    • Coming from someone who posts “I watch MSNBC most of the time for my daily input and the ongoing dialogue”. Hmmm.

      And how did Karl Rove enter this string? Oh, anyone who doesn’t like something the current White House is doing MUST be a Republican..is that it? Not so objective, because I’m not a Republican. Also, you’ll notice the post clearly reads “Commentary” at the top (def: expression of opinion) before offering links to the recommended articles.

      Perhaps you’d more enjoy reading the other articles in the “Be Informed” section. Those are completely free of my “uninformed” opinion. (Unless you’d prefer MSNBC).

  2. Joe

    The, “but you guys had Rove” argument came to my mind as well as I read this entry. But to be fair, I read the politico article, and certainly didn’t find it “eye opening”. Presidents have advisors. If you don’t like the president, or feel somewhat skeptical of him, it makes sense you would have a similar sentiment to a top advisor.

    • I guess I’m skeptical of any adviser who’s a marketing & PR guy sitting in on National Security meetings in the place of our own President. I just don’t think it’s appropriate. It’s one thing to attend as a supplemental resource to the President’s attendance, but as the primary resource? I’m not okay with that. That tells me that deciding how they’ll be marketing the message is more important to this President than deciding the actual policies. I’m not aware that Bush sent Rove IN HIS PLACE to security meetings, but if you’re implying that he did, then I am certainly equally as bothered by that. I’m just not okay with that. Again, I’m neither Democrat nor Republican, so it’s not about the president or party…it’s about policy and priority for me.

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