Tea Parties: Calling Out Irresponsible Media Bias

This is a must read if you want a recap on all of the horrible media bias against the Tea Party events and their organizers. It’s a lengthy list of those we’ve seen and some you haven’t seen, including calling out some of the REAL tea party crashers who have since bragged all over the Internet about their despicable acts. Yeah, like purposely manufacturing a racist hate war by pretending you’re a tea party protester and walking around with hateful racist signs to attract irresponsible media outlets is such an admirable claim to fame.  Why are so many people so disgusting, and so proud of it? Has our country become so mechanical and technological now that we have completely distanced ourselves from all values and all feeling and all sense of honesty? I want my country back.

Read the list and see videos, photos and more.


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One response to “Tea Parties: Calling Out Irresponsible Media Bias

  1. GrannyAngry

    Hi, please make these “letters” printable. My little computer doesn’t have enough space to download most of this stuff so that I can print it.

    Thank you

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