Liberty Chick & Other 912ers on The Glenn Beck program, FOX News TV!

The first live Town Hall style discussion with Glenn Beck and 9.12 Project Members, Tea Party organizers, and free market thinkers.

To those of you fellow 912-ers & Tea Party organizers who also appeared on the Glenn Beck program, 9. 12 Project Special on the national FOX News channel on Friday 5/1, it was so great to meet many of you in person!!

If you’re a Beck viewer (or even if you’re not) and you missed the live airing on Friday’s 5pm show, you can catch the show on repeat on Fox News channel this weekend:

Sat. at 5pm & 9pm EST  |   Sun. at 5am & 3pm EST

Partial videos of the program are also up online at Fox News and I’ve provided direct links to them below.  Please view the show if you missed it yesterday – it was a wonderful reflection of the voices, views and principles of The 912 Project and of the need to preserve our nation’s Constitution. We talk also about what we can all do next to keep this momentum going.

— Liberty Chick

Please be patient, there’s a quick commercial at the start of each video.

beckshow1The Truth About the Tea Parties
View Intro, Segment 1
beckshow2‘Insanitea’? Mainstream media missed the
mark on Tax Day tea party protests!
View Segment 2
beckshow3Average Americans: Tea party attendees
unfairly labeled by biased media as
‘not activists, but extremists
View Segment 3
beckshow4Because 60 Minutes Wasn’t Enough:
Beck’s ‘9/12’ Special Continues Online After the Show
View Segment 4

PS – I’m sitting up front in the black & white; that’s my mom right next to me in black  🙂



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4 responses to “Liberty Chick & Other 912ers on The Glenn Beck program, FOX News TV!

  1. dirtyrottenscoundrels

    Keep up the great work!

    I love it!

    Did you see the acorn person on Beck today?

    I think the rage is getting more focused, don’t you?

  2. Shirley Smith

    Glenn, We really like you but what we don’t understand how you can stand for truth and be a Mormon at the same time. There is definite proof that Mormonism is false. You should look into this evidence the way you look into other important topics. Your eternal life depends on it. At least look at the DNA evidence. Can’t hurt but it can save!!!

    • As my policy states…free speech and all…but c’mon guys…can’t you just leave people’s religions alone? Personally, I’m not very religious (not of any “official” denomination anyway – I don’t know what I believe, but I do believe in something). I think it’s fair to say that much of religion can often be open to various interpretations. “False” is a pretty strong word.

  3. Congrats on being on the show, I’m jealous. Also, I tip my hat to you for being part of the 9-12 gig as well, I have my hands tied here in CA and couldn’t attend. I plugged your site today at the Left Coast Rebel as well, hope to see you around!

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