ACORN Part III: From Rathke in New Orleans to Ratner in New York

It’s finally been updated. Go to the new post here!

The connection between SEIU, ACORN, Bertha Lewis, Bruce Ratner, Forest City Ratner companies, the NY Times, a $1.5 million payoff, the Atlantic Yards project, Al D’AMato, millions in federal stimulus money and much more…

It’s finally been updated. Go to the new post here!



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4 responses to “ACORN Part III: From Rathke in New Orleans to Ratner in New York

  1. I l-o-v-e- you, “liberty chick”. I wish I had your dot-connecting ability. I have connected some dots myself, locally. I live just west of New Orleans and NO ONE is talking about the “1024 elysian fields” mail-drop thing. when are people gonna wake up??

    • flutemandy77



      Luckily Fox News is promising not to let the story fade. We are all sending them everything we have and requesting they keep the story alive so that more research can be uncovered. Watch Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly if you don’t already – they’ve been on the story (Glenn’s got the more thorough angle on it though).

      As far as connecting dots, start out with It will help connect dots for you, provided you know some names and companies to start with. Then look up some of the connections muckety found, on your own. I have some research sources listed on my “Research & References” page – check it out at

      You’ll get the hang of it after a while; eventually it’s even fun 🙂

      • Thanks “LC” . I’ll check out
        Ya know–I worked for my local parish library system for over 5 yrs in my past , did reference work there, too. I knew of LOUIS and lexis-nexis, but it’s nice to tip my hat to a far better researcher. I must admit , it IS fun. I feel like you do, like Capt. Ahab relentlessly pursuing the white whale-only this time it’s name is “Acorn”

  2. giovanniworld

    Dear Liberty Chick,

    Please help us spread the word. Today we launched a new initiative to publicly tell the world that Conservatives are not racists.

    Take the “I am not a racist” pledge by going here…

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