ABC Responds to Viewer Complaints Over Obama Infomercial

Response Assumes Anyone Who Submits a Complaint is a Republican

I had to Tweet this to others to see if they are as dumbfounded as I was to receive such a reply from ABC…Scroll down to see their email response. And after that, scroll further to see the REAL reason they won’t show opposition ads during the special.

I did my good duty yesterday and complained online to ABC when I heard they were giving the prez an hour of exclusive primetime coverage to, as ABC puts it, “have a conversation” with America about his Health Care proposal. After submitting my short letter,  I received the usual auto-responder thanking me for my feedback. But then today, I received a second email, this time specifically addressing the subject about which I complained.  However, I am absolutely dumbfounded by the response they put together for anyone submitting a complaint.

Now, keep in mind as you read this, I’m a Libertarian. I’m not a Republican. I have no special affinity to the RNC, I wasn’t writing as part of a Republican anti-Obama tactic or anything. The very word “Republican” was not once mentioned in my email to ABC. I just explained basically that I’m a citizen who opposes the proposed public health care plan, and my opinion that it’s unfair to give a sitting president unprecedented exposure for an agenda issue on the table, when the millions of little citizens out here could never, ever raise the funds for such exposure for our views. (Aside from that, it’s just inappropriate and borderline unethical). Again, never did I even mention “Republican”.

Did I mention I’m not Republican?

So, if you write to ABC, be prepared for this as your response:


Email reply from ABC News, click to enlarge


You’d think with something this serious, they would take the time to at least make it *appear* as though they were interested in being non-partisan.  But when they literally walk you through their site navigation to get you to their “Response to the Republican National Committee”, I’d venture to guess the special itself will be just about as non-partisan.

I feel ever so confident now that my Congressional representative will have as easy a time representing my opposing voice as he’d have shoving a banana into an ant’s asshole. (OK, maybe too crude for some of you…but I’m a sick twisted freak getting all worked up over this crap now!).

Here’s the Contact Information:

Select “Complaint” as the subject.
Snail Mail:

Kerry Smith, Senior Vice President, Editorial Quality
(212) 456-4446

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Why No Opposing Ads on ABC? Here’s the REAL Reason

And here’s a plus:  Now of course, be it known that Conservatives for Patients Rights was initially slated to be advertising on ABC, likely during this special as well.  But after repeated complaints from SEIU, ACORN and all of their progressive HCAN members to ABC, NBC and the other networks, it appears there will be no opposing advertising appearing during the Obama infomercial. Not necessarily because they don’t want any opposing ads, but more so because SEIU and their friends demanded the ads be pulled. And if you read my last post, “Whose Agenda is it, Really?”, then you know who’s really running the country right now. Enough said.



Oh – and when SEIU accuses CPR’s Rick Scott of using Ingenix to “defraud” customers…they should read ALL of the facts. I know the Ingenix case very intimately. I was one of those who helped get the complaint noticed, after my insurance companies kept pricing every procedure code of my spine surgery at about 20% of what the REAL cost is, trying to leave me with the remaining 80% of a $250,000 bill.

What SEIU doesn’t get is this: The federal government uses the same Ingenix system to determine rates for Medicare and Medicaid.  In fact, most suspect it’s the federal health care programs that inspired the Ingenix pricing model in the first place, which is to purposely weed out the highest doctor/procedure prices for each ZIP code without weeding out the lowest prices to arrive at a suggested median price for a service. This keeps the rate fees artifically low, so that insurers – and the government – can underpay providers, stating that the provider’s pricing exceeds “usual and customary”.  Nearly every business in health care was using Ingenix, most unknowingly. The criminals were those who conspired to knowingly undercut rates.

Secondly, the Lewin Group, which SEIU complains is a “mouthpiece for the insurance industry” because it is owned by United HealthCare/Ingenix….yeah, well, one of Obama’s biggest donors.  Also, the Lewin Group was INVITED by Congress to testify three weeks ago as “the foremost experts in the health care industry”. Whether they are or not isn’t my point, rather, this Democratic Congress relied on Lewin Group for their input into health care reform discussion. So I wouldn’t be throwing stones at CPR for using the same data, SEIU.



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2 responses to “ABC Responds to Viewer Complaints Over Obama Infomercial

  1. Ray

    Can you give me the address you mailed to contact ABC and if you have it Kerry Smith,Senior Vice President, ABC News. I have been looking for where to complain and cannot find the address. I share your concern not only about obamacare but the misuse of public airwaves. Yours in liberty-Ray

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