09.12.09 Taxpayer Protest / March on Washington

09.12.09  Taxpayer March on Washington

The Tea Party movement goes to Capitol Hill.

http://912dc.org and http://www.marchforliberty.org


Coordinated talking points, brochures, flyers, shirts, bumper stickers, and logisitcial plans will be posted shortly for those attending the event from NJ.  Those from other states may check with your state or local Tea Party organizers, or check with the 912DC website  TeaPartyPatriots.com


Complete information on coordinated travel and agenda can be found at:


The 09.12.09 Taxpayer Protest now has a dedicated travel agent who can help you with travel arrangements for your trip to DC. If you’re interested, please contact Joanne Griffing at 401-822-7777, or joannegriffing@cox.net, http://www.teapartyplanning.com/

If you are a group organizer, you can visit these links for travel coordination through the 912dc travel agency, and bus charter assistance:

Bus Charters:

Official company of 912dc.org is BusBank.

Bus Parking & Meeting Up Upon Arrival:




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