Congress Fails to Protect Americans – from Their Mistakes. Revisiting the Sub-Prime Mortgage Crisis.

Watch the video, hat tip to ProudToBeCanadian

“Timeline shows Bush, McCain warning Dems of financial and housing crisis; meltdown”

Just a quick little post to remind us again who caused the sub-prime mortgage and housing crisis, and to prod us to do something about it. We keep letting this one slip onto the back burner, with everything else going on today. When will we get these clowns out of Congress?  100 years ago, they’d be tried for treason, for not protecting the security of every American when it was demanded by other senators – from both parties – in the last session of Congress.  They were repeatedly warned. Not only did they not act, they actively fought against protecting us.  Frank, Pelosi, Waters, Schumer, Dodd…they all failed us, and they continue to pretend as if they knew nothing of it.

Need we remind the last session of Congress that we all get C-SPAN, and most of us watched these debates on the house and senate floors in 2003 through 2008? We do have long memories, the average people of this country. This is why we are all angry. Not because McCain didn’t win the election. Not because Obama won the election. But because Congress fails us over and over again – when those with any sense dare to speak out, they bully them and vote them down, then they lie about their involvement when the next administration rolls in.

In any other sense, it sounds like a crime to most of us.

Oh…and for all the Bush haters out there…trust me, it’s not like I’m any big fan of Bush, either. (Although he did try to put a stop to this and lost out to the Democratic Congress). So you don’t need to try and bait me into that tired, old argument.  Actually, it’s not like I’m even a Republican, because in reality I’m not. I’m Libertarian.  I’m just calling it like most of us see it on this particular topic.


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