Random Progressive Presentations on Things Green: Cap & Trade, Climate & Energy, Green Jobs & More

Updated 9/7/2009 to add a few more docs related to Van Jones organizations and programs.

I’ve been working on a series of pieces that discuss and analyze the real motives behind the aggressive push on the climate change and clean energy agenda, including the Cap & Trade bill, and stimulus funds for things like the high-speed rail and green building projects. My piece will take a look at the comprehensive collaborative strategy behind the “green agenda”. How elite philanthropic organizations and individual donors have developed plans over the last five years for instituting social justice through the use of environmental policies and legislation – forging partnerships with unions like SEIU & the Teamsters, in conjunction with community organizations like ACORN, to mobilize citizen influence on the platform of “green jobs” as a tool in redistributing wealth, polarizing socio-economic classes, and severely limiting the power and influence of corporate entities under our current capitalist system (all their phrases, not mine). The green agenda isn’t really just about the government trying to develop a new revenue stream by increasing taxes. This is about destroying Capitalism in favor of Socialism (again, their terms, not mine) or worse, something along the lines of Communism.

I do also recognize that some labor and trade unions, as well as some private citizens, have a legitimate and sincere interest in this agenda for the right reasons. I don’t mean to lump everyone into the same bucket. I only mean to call out those who tend to abuse policies for more, shall we say, UN-American purposes – those that literally defy our nation’s constitution and everything upon which our great nation was founded.

Anyway, while I continue working on my writing and research on the full series of pieces, I wanted to point people in the meantime to just a few examples of these presentations. All are publicly available online with a little digging…all focus on the real agenda for the unions, and on the importance of the unions, primarily SEIU, and community organizers, specifically ACORN, in working with community citizens to help force this change.

People need to open their eyes wider than they already are, and read some of these documents, and get your arms around the gravity of these strategies…think about what Cap & Trade will really mean, what health reform really means, etc. when putting it into context with these plans of groups like SEIU and ACORN, and politicians like many of those in Congress and the White House. Think about who is partnering with whom, and how what started out as potentially legitimate policies are turning into more radical changes right under our noses. The mainstream media will only dig as far as “higher taxes, loss of jobs”…they don’t look into the real reasons that are mentioned by these very organizations right here in their own presentations (and in others I’ve not yet posted here).

Here are just a few for right now, while I work on the series:

Progressive Presentations on Green Jobs / Green Economy / Eco-Apartheid / Eco-Equity:

As a supplement in understanding the strategies shaping the policies, and the policies shaping the tactics, and the tactics shaping the programs, below are some of those old presentations that I’d downloaded on the Green Jobs / Green Economy initiatives.  Some go as far back as several years, others are more recent.  When you review presentations and papers collectively, as a whole, the picture begins to become clearer.  You can see how groups like the Apollo Alliance and the Center for American Progress have worked with leaders like Van Jones to use “Green Economy / Green Jobs” as the core component for central change in ALL policy areas:  Health Care, Jobs & Wages, Immigration Policy, Card Check, Wealth Redistribution.  Aside from what’s posted here, some other research out there reveals activities that are entirely legitimate efforts, while others seem to hint at potential ulterior motives. Also get familiar with the common themes and terms used throughout many of the presentations in today’s climate:

  • Eco-Apartheid
  • Eco-Assets
  • Eco-Equity
  • Environmental Justice

The Apollo Alliance: Unifying Activists on the Left

This Foundation Watch report of the Capital Research Center by Phil Kerpen and published by Matthew Vadum offers a detailed history of the alliance and its former and current leaders and partners.  It thoroughly describes some of the early ideology and leadership splits, as well as the funding behind the organization, including its primary founding philanthropy organization, the Tides Center.  Extremely thorough and informative report.

Apollo Alliance Connections chart
(from Americans for Prosperity/Capital Research Center…this chart should make all the connections crystal clear…LOL)

The Apollo Alliance, 10 Point Plan (pdf)

Apollo Alliance Members


Environmental Groups: CERES, Greenpeace USA, NWF, NRDC, Powershift, Rainforest Action Network, Republicans for Environmental Protection, Sierra Club, Union of Concerned Scientists, League of Conservation Voters, others

The Green Collar Economy: In Search of Eco-Equity, Van Jones

  • A Green New Deal platform
  • Discusses the Clean Energy Corps, newly established under Americorps on 4/23/2009, which will be a successor to the Civilian Conservation Corps and Works Progress Administration of the 1930s New Deal. Civilians commit to service for pay to combat global warming and advocate for eco-equity, etc.

Van Jones on Jobs, Jails, and Environmental Justice; David Kupper, March 2008

Global Change, Eco-Apartheid and Population Health, 11/7/2007

  • Slide 29 focuses on the well-being of Americans (or lack of it) and says that “Eco-footprints are correlated with lifestyle”, meaning that the more you use from the earth, the more unhealthy (and obese) you likely are, which is expensive for everyone and displaces the less wealthy.
  • Slide 32 offers a chart that focuses on “Wasted Wealth: Diminishing returns from health care expenditures”
  • Slide 33 asks the question, “Can the already wealthy be persuaded to live on smaller footprints so the poor may live at all?”

Ending Eco-Apartheid: Bridging the Green Divide, Verde Consulting Group, Sacramento, CA, August 2008

Focuses on:

  • Correcting the issue of imbalance between “the ecological haves and have-nots”
  • Redistribution of “Eco-assets”; ensuring that communities of color are provided the same assets that affluent areas enjoy
  • “Park-starved communities” – implies that communities of color may be deprived of “clean air” while affluent areas have access to park land and conservation areas, bike paths, etc.
  • “Toxic Assets” – implies facilities of higher toxic release may intentionally be placed in communities f color

Environmental Justice for All, Co-op America, includes article from Van Jones, 2007

“Communities of color have long been targeted for toxic facilities, including dumps and incinerators. Not only are they fighting back, but they’re also creating sustainable alternatives.”

The Future is Green! What are green jobs? Why are they important? SC Employment Security Commission, 11/3/2008

Other General Progressive Presentations:

Labor and the People vs. the Ultra-Right, a Gigantic Battle in 2008

(converted to PDF from http://www.cpusa.org/filemanager/download/82/battle_2008.ppt)

A presentation prepared in 2006 and used in 2007 throughout the sessions of primary labor unions, “Battle 2008” focuses on the need to increase labor union membership and to join their forces to advance progressive causes.  This one spreads outrageous charges like these:

  • “The right-wing will stop at nothing to maintain power. They will continue to obstruct and steal elections.”
  • “For nearly three decades, since Ronald Reagan was President, the ultra-right has dominated the political scene. They enabled a rampage by big business and trans-nationals to destroy unions and dismantle public services.”
  • “The ultra-right hopes voters will simply blame the Democrats and forget who is responsible for starting the war, looting the economy and fanning the flames of racism.”

And the presentation further states that “Sweeping the ultra-right out will usher in a new political era. Organizing can win real gains to rebuild America, change foreign policy, and achieve ‘no war & no warming‘.”

And while just about every major labor union includes stats and quotes from this very presentation, its source doesn’t seem to bother any of them.  The source?  The Communist Party USA. Yes, really.

SEIU: The New California Dream – a 21st Century Agenda

From the SEIU Local 1000 website, this 2007 presentation sets out their path to take control of power in the state by leveraging the strength of the unions to change California’s social and economic landscape and  “to improve the lives of all Californians and to increase California’s competitiveness in a global economy.”  As we know from reading this and SEIU’s other documents, they aggressively push anti-corporate, anti-capitalist agendas.  In a nation where the very fabric of our society is founded upon capitalist principles (balanced by the intervention of government in cases of abuse, fraud and immorality)  it should come as no surprise that a socialist-leaning agenda only begets more poverty.

Two short years after presenting its plan to “more fairly redistribute the wealth in the nation’s 6th largest economy”, the SEIU now reaps the benefits of their plan in the comfort of a now entirely BANKRUPT state. Proof that free-markets are meant to drive the economy, not the anti-American policies of an overly aggressive labor movement.  Other states should be paying closer attention to what really caused California’s financial crisis.

Creating Community Leadership on Climate and Energy

Snippets of concern:

Climate change solutions, carefully crafted can ‘narrow the gap between rich and poor’”.  Also indicates that climate change solutions can be forced into implementation by intentionally taking steps “that disproportionately benefit the already well-off and isolate people from one another in a setting of fear and competition.

Slide 42: “Pass Laws to Limit Corporate Rights & Influence”…Political Transformation – discusses forcing economic and social equality, as well as “increasing citizen participation & influence through Voter Registration, Vote Protection & Paper Ballots, Campaign Finance Reform – votes rather than money and Proportional Representation” (CENSUS!).

Slide 55: “Maximizes the gain for low-income communities and communities of color. Minimizes the pain for the most vulnerable. Creates green-collar jobs. Limits carbon emissions at a level that nature (not big business) dictates, and Makes polluters pay for their bad technology choices.”

Moving Progressive Policy in the States

Just read the whole thing…nothing specific to point out, it’s really just all of it in its entirety.

Climate Leadership Workshop

From various slides:

  • Green Jobs movement – Communities of color transforming the political landscape, community colleges breaking new ground — GCC
  • Steelworkers Union leading, with SEIU, Teamsters and other unions joining
  • slide 16 is especially interesting, as it notes “taxpayer subsidies ahead” and “redistribution of wealth”

Pittsburgh Green Innovators program

  • Funded by Heinz Endowments, subsidized by proposed government funds through agencies like DOE, EPA, DOT, Energy & Commerce…
  • slide 12, covers integral unions, including SEIU
  • slide 23, covers potential funding sources
  • Helps you understand why any politician representing coal mining areas would have voted FOR cap & trade

YouTube – AFL-CIO’s Richard Trumka on Racism and Obama

When Obama began campaigning for the 2009 presidency, the biggest union leaders of course collaborated on how to position their candidate to their captive audiences of hundreds of thousands of union members.  As noted in their very planning presentations from early on, unions intentionally focused on creating racial divide, in many cases manufacturing outrage in a dishonest fashion. In this clip from Trumka at a United Steelworkers event, he portrays all Pennsylvanians as uneducated racists, stating that the only reason anyone in this country could possibly have for voting against Obama is because of his skin color. He offers no room whatsoever for the possibility that many might simply disagree with Obama’s policies, not his race. Sadly, this video clip has been heralded all over the Internet as one of the great inspirational speeches to American workers, which I found so disappointing given its blatantly discriminatory nature and false portrayal of many Pennsylvanians and other Americans.

Slide 21


to improve the lives of all Californians and to increase California’s competitiveness
in a global economy

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