What if political contributors paid for Health Care?

Just a quick interesting table of stats I put together, using data from OpenSecrets.org by our friends at the Center for Responsive Politics.

If you were to add up the top political contributors from liberal organizations and individuals to 527 organizations during the 2008 election cycle alone, it amounts to $180,991,539.00. (Add in other individual Corporate donors and you’re at almost $2 Billion!)  A lot of it comes from labor unions like SEIU, AFL-CIO  & AFSCME and contributing non-profits, such as ACORN (see America Votes), the very groups that are all pressing the hardest for government-run Health Care.  And this is only 527 orgs and PACs – this isn’t large corporate donors and the like.

Oh yeah, lots of our tax dollars go to these partisan groups, too. They’re not supposed to, but they do.  ACORN will tell you they don’t get federal funds, but we know they do – and then they turn around and pay it right back to the politicians through a 527 organization like America Votes.  (See the federal grant reports & 527 contribution reports on The ACORN Money Trail page).

So let me pose this question.  If these groups can afford to “donate” almost $181 Million to Barack Obama, then why are they lobbying for government-run health care? If they were really that concerned about their members, then why not keep that  and use it to purchase private health care insurance for those who need it?  Or why not donate it to health care organizations for the uninsured?

Consider the billions more that I haven’t even listed here…corporations, wealthy philanthropists, average individuals…Just imagine if everyone who donated money for the 2008 election and the next upcoming Congressional elections pooled all of those funds together and put it toward health care?

…Forget Medicare & Medicaid, I think every American would quickly have a Cadillac insurance plan.

Top Contributors to 527 Organizations
2008 Election Cycle

Service Employees International Union


America Votes


EMILY’s List


The Fund for America


Patriot Majority Fund


Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers


Alliance for New America (SEIU)


United Brotherhood of Carpenters


Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund


United Food & Commercial Workers Union


Majority Action


American Leadership Project




Citizens for Strength and Security


Public Campaign Action Fund


Young Democrats of America


Laborers Union


National Education Assn


Citizens for Progress


Sheet Metal Workers Union


Plumbers/Pipefitters Union


Grassroots Democrats


Ironworkers Union


Democrats 2000


Planned Parenthood


American Family Voices Voters’ Alliance


Total 2008 Election Cycle Contributions:


Top Individual Contributors to 527 Organizations
2008 Election Cycle

George Soros


Steven Bing


Gerard & Lilo Leeds


Fred Eychaner


Alida R Messinger


John R Hunting


Jon Stryker


Lee Fikes


Pat Stryker


Peter B Lewis


Lynde B Uihlein


Gladys G Cofrin


David Bonderman


Quinn Delaney & Wayne Jordan


Francine Goldstein


Michael R Bloomberg


Total 2008 Election Cycle Contributions:


Grand Total 527 Orgs:


Top PAC Contributors, 2009-2010

Operating Engineers Union


Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers


National Community Pharmacists Assn


American Crystal Sugar


American Assn for Justice


Carpenters & Joiners Union


Machinists/Aerospace Workers Union


Teamsters Union


Ironworkers Union


Air Line Pilots Assn


United Food & Commercial Workers Union


United Transportation Union


Sheet Metal Workers Union


Total PAC Contributions:


Grand Total 527 Orgs & PACs: $180,991,539.00

Summary Campaign Finance Data for Obama, Source of Total Funds (as of Dec. 2008)

Individual contributions      $656,357,572
PAC contributions     $1,830
Candidate self-financing     $0
Federal Funds     $0
Other     $88,626,223


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