Office Visits for Public Health Plan Supporters; Shutouts for Opponents

fishyAs overly-dramatic and story fabricating liberal Democrat Congress members are canceling Town Hall meetings all across the country, citing “mob attacks” and “death threats” from “racist right-wing extremists”, it appears that they have no fear of the same types of union thugs that assaulted Kenneth Gladney, a conservative activist from St. Louis, who also happens to be black, while he was innocently distributing patriotic Gadsden flags (“Don’t Tread on Me”) at a Town Hall event.

You see, these lawmakers have instead decided to hold “Office Visits for Health Reform”.  But they’ve only invited their supporters, including SEIU union members – the same union whose members were arrested last week for physically attacking Gladney and intimidating other conservative town-hall goers.  Opponents of the public option health care plan have apparently been entirely closed out of such unprecedented access to their representatives, not to mention closed out of many town hall events.  (By the way, has anyone noticed that the town halls were going peacefully until the union thugs were unleashed by the DNC? Talk about manufactured).

Just to give you a sense of what seems to be cooking up behind the scenes of the Democratic strategists behind the curtain, take a look at a couple of the emails that are being sent to various districts in the country, as seen below.

The first email went to supporters of the public option Health Care plan, sent by Organizing for America.  Make special note of the rhetoric:

Email from Mitch Stewart, Organizing for America. Click to enlarge.

Email from Mitch Stewart, Organizing for America. Click to enlarge.

“special interest attack groups are stirring up partisan mobs with lies about health reform, and it’s getting ugly
…members of Congress who support reform are being shouted down, physically assaulted, hung in effigy, and receiving death threats.
We can’t let extremists hijack this debate”

And then, the email heralds a personal plea from the President himself:

“Earlier this week, the President wrote that
“this is the moment our movement was built for”
and asked us all to commit to join at least one event this month.”

Alrighty then.  As SEIU thugs are beating up town-hall attendees and the mainstream media plays coverage of it, portraying it as though it’s the “right-wing extremists” that are doing the beating…yeah, these emails really do a lot to make the average dissenting citizen feel soooo respected and appreciated.  What happened to all that non-partisan warm hopey-changiness? (That was sarcasm, for those unable to recognize it).

Now, take a look at what was sent to the non-members of Organizing for America:

While this email went to an unknown audience, it quite obviously includes those who do not support the public

Email sent by Congressman Rothman's office. Click to enlarge.

Email sent by Congressman Rothman's office. Click to enlarge.

option.  Sent by Congressman Rothman’s staff, it starts out:

“I understand you may be encouraging your members to attend our Listening Sessions next week.  You may not believe this, because of all the hype in the media lately, but I’m actually pleased that you are spreading the word about our meetings”.

It goes on to describe that these are not “health care town halls” and that other people will be attending to ask questions about other topics, and provides a list of rules/format to follow if you intend to ask any questions.

So, Congress members are aware that YOU are encouraging others to attend the town hall meetings?

Hmmm…a subtle, subliminal intimidation tactic? Or genuine encouragement? The only sure way to know is to attend, which the recipients plan to do. I will give the Congressman the benefit of the doubt for right now…

A point of concern about this email, though:  How did Democratic Congress members know who to send this particular email to? I’ve received the same email from several different conservative contacts who happen to have their local representatives’ town hall meetings posted at their websites.  Clearly, they have staff trolling the internet to identify who precisely is driving attendees to these town hall meetings.  (They must be shocked to find that it’s NOT coming from the GOP, or from special-interests…YES, Democrats, it REALLY IS coming from all of us little people!!! Put the Astroturf away).

I find a lot of this activity extremely concerning.  No matter how you look at this, there are obvious indicators that our own Congress members, and yes, even the President – all of whom are elected to represent US – seem to be willfully manipulating the democratic process to try and influence the outcome of support or opposition for their bills.  What’s even worse is that the watchdog media continues to be noticeably absent…wait, I take that back…they continue to ignore the full story and to buy into whatever hype they are fed from the from left.  Even the way they report opposition: “those opposed to reform, or to any change at all”, it’s just all so irresponsible. We all want reform. We simply don’t support a public option, because basic economics will tell you that as you increase the government pool, the private pool decreases.  And when that happens, cost becomes unsustainable, and bye-bye goes our private health plan that we’d been promised we could keep.

I think that if you are opposed to the public option of health care insurance, you should contact your own representative and insist upon the same treatment that members of Organizing for America have been so graciously afforded.  Why should those who oppose the public option – many of whom, by the way, happen to be Democrats – be closed out of town hall events that are canceled, while their other constituents who support the public option are being escorted in on a white horse at the direct request of the President of the United States?

When will the mainstream media begin reporting accurately on this administration’s blatant attempt to extinguish all opposition to its liberal agenda and to silence the voices of everyday American people?

Oh yeah…if you find this “fishy”, feel free to report me to  I’ve already reported myself.  I thought perhaps that way, someone might actually read the email that I’ve sent to the White House. Because no one has ever placed any of MY letters on the President’s desk, and I DO have a personal health care crisis story that I’ve written about.  No one in the shining city on the Hill seems to care; I suppose because I explained that my own doctors and the pharmaceutical companies actually took care of me for FREE, and that it was my community and loved ones who took care of me when my government turned their back on my health care.



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10 responses to “Office Visits for Public Health Plan Supporters; Shutouts for Opponents

  1. mizblkpatriot

    President Obama nor the Democrats are afraid of conservative or repub opposition at local town halls.

    I don’t remember Bush having town halls before he signed the Patriot Act ‘the most sweeping legislation that denies Americans there privacy in history’…..yet, this administration has been about as forthcoming as possible and can’t catch a break…no matter what he says or does.

    I think this is less about healthcare and more about peoples disdain for the President of the United States

    • in no way shape or form is it about the demonic actions r pres has taken or the racist language he uses. its all a part of his dispicable package. he is not interested in our well being . its an agenda a theroy he is willing to try on our nation. well he can kiss most of our u know didnt write the bill or read it. it just as though he doesnt care. do u want gov. to come to ur home and tell u how to raise ur kids pg.844-845 read it . do u want you family denied care. do u want ur child killed for the good of all. sick kids will be denied care or are u that stupid that u just swallow anything. give yourself up.stand out and say u think theses things and more are good for anyone .even congress. pg.769 gov mandate abortions .all congress should be required to take this plan.

    • bush isnt president any more. if he wanted this crap u can bet we all would be screaming the same thing . these people r a total unamerican bunch of marxist. do u realize that control is not freedom it is not dem or rep. why do u think bo is being rejected for any other reason than he is a radical usurper. there is no reason to chain this society with a plan that would ration care. if u need healp now go to the emergency room . youll get the best they have to offer. u cannot have everything its not possible . we r not a socialist country and by the way we r a christian nation no matter what bo says.

    • ar you so blind sided by this man that if he says anything you would believe it. He is a man and he goes to the potty just like you. he never had a job in his life. he has been on the government dole forever. he has good connections and lived off others for ever. dont tell me he knows about me or anyone else in this country except the people he stronged armed to get things. well i cant do that. im from a working family we work for what we have and if we cant have it to bad. he needs a good lesson on how to take care of a family in the real world , not his black theology life style. he was raised with hate and im tired of his baggage.

    • What does this have to do with Bush? I’m not even a Republican. Put away your silly, tired, unintelligent talking points.

      What this has to do with is MY LIFE. I live with a chronic disease that can kill me at anytime. I want to have control of my own health care – NOT my government. I’ve already experienced government care and it nearly killed me.

      If they’re not afraid of opposition, then why are they outright lying about what’s happening at these events? Why not just be truthful and face it? Why dismiss the very citizens who are truthfully against a public option for health care, and blame it all on Republicans and special interests?

      People who care about this country and about honoring its constitution do not agree with this President’s policies. Nor had they always agreed with Bush’s either. Accept that stance and move on. It’s not a race thing, or an intolerance thing, or a political thing – it’s an “I LOVE MY COUNTRY” thing. Read “The Making of America” and maybe you’d understand why people sincerely disagree with this President’s policies – or with any president who encourages the dependence of the country’s citizens upon their government.

    • John

      This is NOT about who the President is. I am a registered Republican and was more upset about the Patriot Act than anything our current President has endorsed or pushed for. Get over the race thing, the rest of the country already has obviously.

  2. who pushes a bill that they do not read. we have reps that do not give a damn about any of us. if u think u have the skinney on a good life let me know because u r going to be squashed just like the rest of america. Who do u think u r . Ezekiel emanuel is rahmn bro. he thinks we have to many useledd eaters. did u read what i said. useless eaters. s security .it sbroke all those people paid and now they useless eaters r u insanr he doesnt want to keep birth defected children around he likes ages 15 -50 thats it. good bye golden years!

  3. my last remark to u is bush wasnt perfect bo is far from it. he should get off his blackness and start to consider the laws he is breaking.we have a constitution and we intend to live by it. no matter what he thinks he is going to do. he is not a seasoned citizen in respect to ‘respect.’ we do not trash or in any way throw our peoples well being away.

  4. Trailer Trash Bill Warner Has Enlisted in the White House Internet Snitch Brigade

    Ever since the White House announced the creation of its Internet Snitch Brigade (, Americans were waiting for Insane P.I. Bill Warner to join it. And today it finally happened! In “ASSASSINATE BARACK OBAMA PLOTS INCREASE TO 10 RACIST RIGHT WING BLOGGERS FUEL WHITE SUPREMISTS (sic.) SECRET SERVICE SHUT EM DOWN by Bill Warner investigator,” Warner writes:

    “The US Secret Service so needs to investigate “Muslims Against Sharia by Khalim Massoud and Pamela Geller for her Anti-American racist activities on her website, which she operates out of her Manhattan NY apartment, and her incitement to hate by others and the possible murder of President Barack Obama.

    Contact and provide information for websites that promote hate and or attacks against the President of the United States Barack Obama.U.S.
    Secret Service
    New York City Office
    335 Adams Street
    32nd Floor
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
    Telephone: (718) 840-1000″

    After pretending to file various lawsuits and complaints with the FBI, USSS, County Court, etc., Insane P.I. Bill Warner decided to employ another tactic. He wants the Internet Snitch Brigade to do his dirty work, to defame people who dare to disagree with Warner’s demented rants. Could this trailer trash be more of a Nazi?

    We offer our sincere apologies to trailer trash for comparing them with Bill Warner.

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