Portions of this post come from Caleb Howe over at RedState.  Read his entire post, “Let’s Talk Astroturf“.  It’s a fantastic jewel.

No kidding. That’s a real job ad heading. One of hundreds placed this week.

With Pelosi and her cronies publishing scathing editorials in today’s newspapers about the “Astroturf” and the “manufactured activism”, I must question whether she’s really of the opposite sex.  Because this woman has got to have the most ginormous BALLS  that have ever been known to humankind (and animal species).  There is solid proof out there all over the web that these hacks are feverishly hiring “activists”…most of the ads for which have been placed in only the last week.  I mean, have you SEEN these things???  The web is just oozing with hundreds of them…all across the country.  Like ants at a picnic.

Hello??  Are you still there, mainstream media?? It’s me, America.

Caleb reveals the job ads that he and others found online, at places like Craig’s list, that have been posted by various organizations hiring activists to “HELP PASS OBAMA’S HEALTH REFORM AND EARN $325-$500 PER WEEK!”. Here is just one screen shot below that was captured (because I’m sure someone will remove the ads as soon as the bloggers get this word out).

Click to Enlarge

Click to Enlarge

My contribution to this will focus on showing you how YOU pay for this…eventually…

Let’s take the “Working America” ad, for example:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

Working America is AFL-CIO:

Click to view website

Click to view website

And YOUR taxpayer dollars help the AFL-CIO every year.  Here’s just a little snapshot of some funds they received from the government the last 8 years. I haven’t even pulled any 2009 yet, but trust me…in next year’s reports, you’ll likely see funds that paid for today’s rent-a-thugs…they’ll just be hidden under something else, like “Training” or something:

Click to enlarge

Click to enlarge

You can also view this full report and search others at the website.

Other groups hiring include:

Washington CAN!

The Fund for the Public Interest

Runs more than 70 field offices for groups like the The State PIRGs, the Sierra Club, Human Rights Campaign, and Environment America.  And if you are familiar with these groups, then you know well enough who funds them. That would be George Soros, who has just spent $5 Million to lend a hand this August on Mob-Watch.

Find the jobs on their sites at:

Other good links on the day’s Astroturfocracy Watch:


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