A Liberal View on The 9.12 Project: It’s Not Astrotuf

Well, it’s only taken them about 6 months, but liberals have finally caught onto the 9.12 Project.  And this article from Salon.com, while written with the usual liberal slant, is actually surprisingly accurate in many aspects. It not only gives credit to the 912ers where credit is due, for playing a large part in the early and ongoing Tea Parties, and for playing a very key role in educating the public about the issues and the events going on across the country today – and for doing it in an incredibly organized, grass-roots fashion.  More importantly, it even acknowledges that this is “clearly a freestanding, grassroots phenomenon.” In other words, it’s a real force to be reckoned with.

Those of us who actually watch or listen to Beck know that much of his “impending doom” antics are just that – antics.  He’s a funny guy, with a sarcastic sense of humor. C’mon, the Doom Bunker jokes are funny.  And it’s no worse than the REAL government-mandated drills we went through as kids (if you’re 40 or older) when we were all taught the “Duck and Cover” technique, then carted off to the fallout shelter in groups.  Unless you’re a regular, it’s easy to take much of his slant out of context. We also know that he feels the same as do many of us – we really do love our country and want to see it succeed in the fashion that our founding fathers intended.  Many simply don’t see that or believe that when they see or hear Beck.  It’s easy for liberals to make him a target, especially when they don’t hear what he’s *really* saying. But that’s OK, because this really is not about him at all. It’s about us, the 912ers.  Beck may have helped facilitate all of us introducing ourselves to one another, but the rest has been all us. 100% 912ers. And our hard work is paying off…the proof is in the polls. Even this article acknowledges what we already know to be the truth – we are real.

The 9-12 Project looked like a vanity project for Beck at first, a gimmick to promote his show. But apparently, it’s really taken off. There’s virtually no place in the country that doesn’t have a 9-12 chapter. They’re organized, generally, along the lines of Meetup.com, the online club-forming system that was the backbone of the then-innovative online presence of Howard Dean’s 2004 presidential campaign.

I clicked through the websites of about a dozen 9-12 chapter websites. Every single one of them has got listings of upcoming congressional events in the district. (See Georgia’s here, for example.) The fact that organizations are helping to make the protests happen doesn’t make the protests fake. The protests would be fake if the people raising a ruckus were just paid goons. They obviously aren’t, and nor are the union folks showing up to support healthcare reform.

Beck talks some about the town-halls and endorses the protests, but this is clearly a freestanding, grassroots phenomenon.

Read the full article “Glenn Beck’s legions head to the town halls” by By Alex Koppelman at the War Room on Salon.com.  Kudos to the author for remaining somewhat impartial and giving credit where it’s due.  (There are a few misnomers about the ” preparation for the Apocalypse” type of talk, but the same ones you’d always expect – overall, it’s a decent read if you can get past those usual exaggerations of the occasional over-zealous 912er or two…).


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