The 9.12 Project Brochure is now available!

912brochureI recently finished creating a brochure / pamphlet for The 9.12 Project.  It’s 8.5″ x 11″ and double-sided format with a vertical fold, to make it 4.25″ x 11″ when folded.

It displays the 9.12 Project snake and its numerical representation of the values and principles on the front (and continues across the back).  And it asks  “Are YOU a 9.12er”?

On the inside, it lists the 12 values, the 9 principles, and an introduction of The 9.12 Project and its purpose.  In addition, the brochure briefly emphasizes the founding fathers’ intent for America’ system under “People’s Law” and defines the vertical separation of powers as defined by Thomas Jefferson (also listed on the back of the brochure).  This helps to outlay the reasoning for less government, and more dependence upon personal responsibility and community in taking care of one another.

Please feel free to download, print and distribute freely as you wish!

The brochure is located on the 9.12 Project Member Resources page under the Original Graphics & Brochures heading.  It is available in both .jpg and .pdf formats.  Contact me directly if you need the Photoshop files instead.



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