SEIU and Team Obama Invest Big to Bankrupt NJ with Corzine

This is a view of what is currently happening in my home state of NJ with our governor’s race.  It’s really no secret that Corzine has been leaning on Obama to save him.  And what does Obama do when he’s losing traction?  He calls in the purple monsters.

So far, Corzine has spent $40 million to try and keep his Governor’s spot.  And SEIU has now overrun this election.  With Christie having gained ground recently, the union has significantly stepped up its own spending against him…we’ll be able to see by just how much in this month’s FEC filings.  And they’ve sent out 16,000 canvassers to find every last non-registered voter in the state and to hand them whatever propaganda they use to brainwash people that Corzine would actually be a good thing for NJ.  That’s laughable to think anyone could claim that with a straight face. This state is in utter ruins.  Just look at this timeline of NJ’s decline into record deficits: “The Corzine Deficit: A History of Budget Mismanagement“.

But one thing’s obvious – SEIU’s certainly getting fancy with their Obama mailers, like this one we got here in the garden state:

(and thanks to Ben Smith at Politico for letting the NJ outsiders see what’s happening here in NJ with his post “SEIU links Corzine, Obama“)


And then there’s this TV spot that has been airing. Read more about it at another Ben Smith post, “SEIU vs. Christie“.


Well, yes, you idiots.  He opposes paid family leave and other entitlement programs because OUR STATE IS PRACTICALLY BANKRUPT!!!!  Our jobless rate is the highest in over 30 years.  Union members are just about the ONLY ones left in NJ with jobs, or at least jobs that didn’t require we take a pay cut and give up all bonuses and benefits, and work twice the hours to cover those who were laid off.  The only new jobs NJ is gaining are government jobs.  Oh, yeah, of course – union jobs.  When you have no money coming in at home, do you go on a spending spree?  No.  So why should NJ do so?  Any logical person would oppose ANY entitlement programs in NJ right now.  (And then if you’re for smaller government, you’d oppose it anyway.  And yes, I’ve been poor and sick and without benefits and all that stuff you usually would throw at me as your argument).

Any why focus so much on health care?  It wasn’t exactly a hot election issue for NJ…until SEIU and Team Obama – Rahm Emanuel, Valerie Jarrett and David Axelrod, all got involved.  What better way to create propaganda that incites hate and anger than to pretend that the Republican wants sick people to die.  (I mean, isn’t that what other Democrats are saying these days?)  If that’s not enough, there are even reports that the Obama and Corzine camp is actually intentionally throwing some support behind Daggett, the independent candidate, just to siphon votes from Chris Christie.  Nothing like letting the will of the people speak for itself. (that was sarcasm)

So, I took the last screen of that TV ad to show SEIU’s sponsorship, then I took the liberty of adding my own comments, indicating what their disclaimer should really say.


And if you’d like to see some of the financial reports of SEIU’s spending to elect Obama, simply visit my ACORN money trail page.  It will soon look just the same for Corzine.

And in case the image above didn’t display for you, here’s the text:


In New Jersey, we now enjoy the highest property, income & corporate taxes in the nation.  As we suffer the worst jobless rate since 1977, New Jersey businesses are leaving the state to get away from your union wage hikes and
your forced paid family leave.  As New Jersey chokes on a massive $8 billion deficit, you practically shake down politicians and special interests to win your demands for taxpayer funded family health care insurance and billions more in massive entitlement programs that take the expense load off of SEIU and hoist it instead onto the New Jersey state taxpayers.  And as burdened residents now flee New Jersey to neighboring states in record numbers to escape the crisis, you pour billions of dollars into campaign ads to protect the very fiscal selfishness that has propelled New Jersey into this death spiral.


First California.  Now New Jersey.  You’ve managed to spend quite a bit of money on wrecking what were once two of the most powerful economies in the country.

As a New Jersey resident, let me tell you, I don’t much appreciate you shoving your purple shirts into our business here in MY STATE.  Stop trying to purchase our politicians for your own selfish gains. And let me tell you something else – I’m no Republican by any means.  But you’ve made one out of me in 2009.  So I guess I can thank you for that as well.  Now please GET OUT OF MY STATE.


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