SEIU Doesn’t Care About Health Care. SEIU Cares About SEIU.

I wrote a long 4-part post a few weeks back about SEIU and its REAL interest in health care.  While most of that interest may be obvious – I mean, SEIU does have a division of its union dedicated entirely to Health Care workers, some of the history that has built up to their level of interest today may not be quite as obvious.  That’s why I published some of SEIU’s own presentations from years ago, where they discuss their strategy to “create” an issue that could become their political platform in order to embed themselves into government policy.  They needed an issue that would enable them to demonize anyone who would oppose their perspective.  An issue that would create political capital for SEIU and make them an attractive partner to potential political allies and, as they put in their words, “new strange bedfellows”.  An issue that would “create demand for SEIU-provided services.”

And that issue?  Universal Health Care.  So I asked, did SEIU manufacture this health care “crisis”?

Now, as I always say, don’t get me wrong.  I agree that some level of reform is needed in health care.  And I do want others who cannot afford it to be able to have access to affordable health care.  As someone with Lupus and a permanent spinal injury (and hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills from spine surgeries and kidney treatment), I have had several periods in time when I was unable to work and therefore lost my health insurance.  So I know what it’s like to be without it, or to have medical debt, or to have a pre-existing condition.

I also know what government health care is like. And it is NOT the answer.

Don’t let the SEIU thugs fool anyone.  Show your opponents what this organization REALLY cares about.  They say it in their own words in their own presentations.

Click to view full size

Click to view full size

And when they try to demonize you, show them SEIU’s tactics to paint opponents as not sympathetic to “working Americans”:

Click to view full size

Click to view full size

Here’s a montage of snippets from just one presentation:


Are you interested yet?  Read the entire post.  It’s lengthy, but it is necessary to read the whole background to understand what the REAL plans behind this health care strategy are.  And how did they get here? How did our politicians get so involved? And how much have they spent? How much do they have to lose?

Please, educate yourselves.  Look beyond ACORN.  Look into the White House.  You’ll see a lot of purple behind those windows at 1600 Pennsylvania.

Here’s the whole presentation. But again, read the whole post to understand the full background.  If you cannot read all four parts, at least start with “Creating Crisis Using the Issue of Health Care”.


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