Daggett Robocalls and Democratic Funding Gets Creepier with Victory 2009 Volunteer Campaign

We’ve all be talking about this for weeks now.  Rumors that labor unions like SEIU are purposely throwing money and support to Chris Daggett in an effort to siphon away votes from Republican challenger Chris Christie to help secure a Democratic win for the re-election of Jon Corzine. Then rumors that the Democratic National Committee and Organizing for America are also helping in that endeavor, in partnership with the NJ Democratic State Committee.  But it’s been just that- rumors.  At least until now.

Earlier this weekend, that talk heated up as more people were reporting receiving RoboCalls against Christie and in support of Chris Daggett.  Some noticed that the mandatory disclosures at the end of the call stated the call was sponsored by “NJDSC”, the NJ Democratic State Committee.  And now, proof has surfaced.

Save Jersey produced this video yesterday, with a recording of one of the robocalls and the disclosure at the end. Listen carefully as it states “paid for and authorized by Victory 2009 and the NJDSC, 196 West State Street, Trenton, NJ. (609) 498-6025 (or 2025, it was hard to hear it…).


Here’s a question no one’s asking:  Who is “Victory 2009”?

Well, it’s a Corzine campaign of course!  Check out this PolitickerNJ article from the NJ Democratic State Committee, “Democrats Take Action at Events Across NJ During September Surge: Weekend of Action“.  Look at the fourth paragraph where it states, “The “September Surge: Democratic Weekend of Action” is a cooperative effort of the Corzine ’09, Victory 2009 and Yes We Can 2.0 campaigns.” I think that makes it quite clear that Victory 2009 is a Democratic, Pro-Obama campaign group.

I also find in interesting that the article discusses the September Surge as a kickoff to a massive volunteerism campaign, beginning 9/11/2009 to celebrate Obama’s National Day of Service.

“Volunteers from all backgrounds are taking action in neighborhoods across all 21 counties of New Jersey. The “September Surge: Democratic Weekend of Action” expanded upon the National Day of Service, when Democrats took a break from campaigning to volunteer at food banks, neighborhood clean-ups and service projects. Grassroots efforts are continuing through Sunday, with outreach to potential voters by thousands of volunteers knocking on doors, phone banking and showing their support for Governor Corzine and New Jersey Democrats at rallies, neighborhood house parties and BBQ’s. New Jersey college and university students also are joining in efforts by organizing campus Vote By Mail drives and peer-to-peer communication.”

Well, how convenient that Democrats have instituted a mandatory national service commitment for Americans and decided to celebrate it just before the peak of election time, giving them access to all those doors to knock on and food banks to work in and phones to bank…oh, but it’s in the name of volunteerism, right?  Phone banking, door knocking, house parties…none of those have anything to do with campaigning for Corzine, and in the future for other Democrats.

This is so corrupt it is absolutely amazing.  Further, it’s a disgrace that this administration, Democratic Congressional leaders, the DNC, and Organizing for America (who also participated in this effort) would take advantage of the tragedy of 9/11 to insult us with such a farce.  Shameful.

Oh yeah, organization located at this address?

New Jersey Democratic Party
Joseph Cryan
194-196 West State Street
Trenton, NJ 08608
phone: (609) 392-3367

As the Star Ledger is now reporting, Mr. Cryan denies Dems involvement.  You be the judge.

MoreMonmouthMusing is also reporting on this story here.


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