Liberty Chick on – SEIU: Building a New American Health Care Empire

Liberty Chick’s debut on Andrew Breitbart’s

SEIU: Building a New American Health Care Empire?

by Liberty Chick

Most average Americans know little about the Service Employees International Union (SEIU). Some know them as the people in purple shirts that beat up attendees at the town halls this summer.  Some equate them to ACORN, or to the Obama administration.  While there is some truth to all of the above, there is for certain one title that every voting American should be bestowing upon SEIU, and that is the title of “special interest”.

From 2000 to current, SEIU has spent at least $187,500,000 through combined lobbying, PAC and 527s group donations and expenses on candidates and policy issues – nearly 100% of which went to Democrats and to liberal policy initiatives.  Much has been focused on influencing universal health care, as well as other indirectly related health legislation, such as public nutrition, food safety, research, and environmental health – all part of SEIU’s supposed plan for Building a New American Health Care System. Because, in their words, they “will not stop until every man, woman and child has quality, affordable care they can count on.”

So really…why is SEIU so invested in health care?

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2 responses to “Liberty Chick on – SEIU: Building a New American Health Care Empire

  1. Bob Dickstein

    I read and enjoyed your article concerning the need for SEIU to push through the health care legislation, and it got me thinking.
    Making the assumption that this legislation is unconstitutional, we should seriously consider taking legal action to prevent this legislation from ever taking effect. If you agree maybe you have the wherewithal how to get this process started because I don’t have a clue.
    Awaiting your response.

    Bob Dickstein

  2. Does any body see the potential for not being able to buy or sell unless you have the Big Daddy G. mandated health care insurance….????

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