Privacy, Control and the Health Care Bill: Will Organizations like SEIU Abuse Power & Access to Your Data?

If you haven’t looked at the final health care bill, you should have.  Whether you’re for or against this health care reform bill, there are a multitude of privacy infringements and government controls embedded throughout the bill that dwarf what most of you complained about in the Patriot Act.  It’s not Republican fear-mongering. (I’m not a Republican, by the way…I’m a Libertarian).  There are real, tangible concerns in here.  Where are all the voices out there?  All who opposed the Patriot Act and condemned its invasion into the lives of every American citizen?

Here’s a perfect example of why you need to be concerned.  Yesterday, I was tweeting various specific pages of the bill that highlight the hundreds of new agencies, committees, and panels that will be created for the purposes of controlling our health care.  I also began tweeting the various databases that will be created to collect and store our personal information and various health related details about us.  One such example is the National Medical Device Registry.  This new system will collect the serial number and other information from implantable medical devices used in patients.  In combination, the patients’ personal information will also be collected.  The information is intended to be used for the purposes of tracking the safety of such devices, and potentially following up with certain patients with surveys and other market research.  It will be shared with other agencies and other groups outside of the government.

This was of particular concern for me because I have a titanium implant in my spine.  As a matter of fact, it is the second implant I’ve had in my spine, because an earlier artificial disc implant broke into pieces when I had a major fall only a year after the first spine surgery.  Therefore, an emergency second surgery had to be performed, the damage repaired and pieces removed, and a new device altogether implanted – this one consisting of rods and screws for fusion.   Several facilities have already collected the necessary information about these devices and about the issues experienced, including my doctor and the manufacturer.  I’ve provided additional information as necessary.  That’s already enough, more than I was comfortable with.  I don’t want government storing my information in a national database, where I’ll have zero recourse should anything compromising occur with my personal information.

Why would I be so concerned?  Because the government intends on sharing the information with various other public and private organizations for the purposes of health and safety research.  Seems innocuous enough if you don’t mind a little government intrusion (however, I do mind it).  But when you consider who some of these organizations might be, you become more skeptical and hesitant.

As my readers are aware, I write for and I cover SEIU as one of my specialty areas.  They don’t much like my reports, I’m sure.  But I don’t care – it’s information that needs to be exposed.  (as former AFL-CIO, I am well aware of the inside corruption that occurs).  So, it was not a surprise when, as I tweeted the information related to the Medical Device Registry and my concerns over privacy, who should jump in but a Director from SEIU, with a veiled threat implying SEIU might be interested in abusing such access in retaliation for my views.  Remember, SEIU is considered by this administration to be one of the major organizations that will contribute to the health, safety and workforce research to the Secretary of Health and Human Services and other government agencies.  They are expected to be provided access to most of these new systems, as well as designated to contribute to much of the health care decision making.

See some of this exchange for yourself:

click to enlarge

This stream was in relation to the following portions of the bill about which I was tweeting:

click to enlarge

This demonstrates perfectly the legitimate concerns that many Americans like myself have about the hundreds of instances in this bill that infringe upon our privacy.  I’m supposed to expect the same government that accidentally posted sensitive TSA security documents online to the public to protect my information from accidental use or from blatant abuse?  The same government that has given carte blanche to SEIU and other organizations like theirs?

Look, I’m tired of saying it, but I’ll say it again.  Most of us support health insurance reform. I do.  We simply don’t support this bill because of the rest of what’s included in those 2310 pages.  It is a disgrace that the establishment media has failed to even acknowledge any of the language in this bill that infringes upon our rights and our privacy – 100 times more so than the Patriot Act ever did – and has been an accomplice to the propagation of the blatant lies and misinformation spread about the so-called “benefits” of this bill.

Think about it, people.  What’s going to happen once this bill passes and all these people – the government, labor unions, private and public organizations – all have access to not just your personal information, but to everything about your health and even what is inside of your body, your personal property? Once that happens, where does the privacy invasion and the control  stop?  There’s nowhere else to go after this, really, is there?

Wake up. Stop being sheep and believing this bill is the savior to your free health care fantasy.  It’s not. This is NOT better than the status quo.  It is an evil collection of controlling, harmful rules that everyone is sweeping under the carpet to win votes from ignorant sheep.

Better, less invasive, less controlling solutions exist.  But a small minority of powerful progressives have hijacked the Congress, deceived a nation and brainwashed the sheep.  Shame on you all for allowing such a tragedy to occur.  You will live to regret it, and I for one will never be able to look a single supporter in the eye for taking away my privacy and opening up my personal information to abuse by people or groups for nefarious purposes.



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2 responses to “Privacy, Control and the Health Care Bill: Will Organizations like SEIU Abuse Power & Access to Your Data?

  1. Nancy Fradkin

    You have an erroneous link for HR 4872: it takes you is to an early version of the bill that was NOT passed. Go to Library of Congress and you will see there are two versions. If you choose option #2, the PASSED version you will see that there is no mention of the medical device registry. HR 4872 is the Reconciliation Bill; the rest of the health care reforms are in HR 3590.

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