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First, let me start by saying that I am neither a Democrat, nor am I a Republican. I’m a Libertarian…and probably a moderate one, at that. I have no particular “agenda”. I simply believe in smaller government and states’ rights, as did our founding fathers, and I believe many Americans have lost sight of such reasoning.  One thing people so often misunderstand about Libertarians, about me – we aren’t against taking care of fellow Americans and our planet. We simply believe that Americans take care of ourselves and other Americans best, and we believe that any of the truly necessary “government” solutions belong with the individual states, not the national government.  Government as primary caretaker creates inefficiency, cost, fraud and loss of innovation . The collaborators of the Constitutional Convention were very clear on this. They believed strongly in the concepts of state sovereignty, in “People’s Law”, in Adam Smith’s “Wealth of Nations”, free markets and free minds. Less government means more resources in the private sector to take care of our neighbors, more innovation and a more prosperous nation. Believing in our Constitution and opposing policies that lean towards statism or socialism does not make us bad people; in fact, it’s quite the contrary.
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flutemandy1My real name’s Mandy. I’m not a politician or a lobbyist. I’m an ordinary, average American. I come from a huge family – my mom was one of 7 kids, and I’m one of 16 grandkids, and we’ve got dozens and dozens more in great-grandchildren, cousins, nieces, nephews…  My great-grandparents immigrated to the US from Lebanon and Syria, and even us grandchildren were surrounded by this heritage while growing up. It’s an integral part of my family’s lives, and while it has brought about racial challenges of its own for us at times, it’s been far more rewarding than not to have such rich heritage and tradition entrenched in our upbringing. I grew up in a less-than-modest environment, raised in a small NJ town by a single mother who was intent on making it in the world with her three kids, without depending upon government assistance. After struggling through on welfare and Medicaid, she worked immensely hard to free us of that life, and she did.  As grateful as we were for the help, it did so much more to hold us down than it did to lift us up.  In our little town in those days, we all depended a lot on family and community – on hand-me-downs and dinners at Grandma’s, on doctors who accepted a cooked meal as barter for services, on neighbors who collected money to help each other when a neighborhood kid got sick, and on teachers who helped raise funds for me to be able to compete in music competitions when my mom didn’t have the applicant or travel funds.  As kids, we didn’t even realize just how poor we really were.  We just always knew there people around to help their neighbors.  My childhood, and my mother’s struggles, built my character.

These days I work a regular job in corporate America. My background for more than 15 years has been in Internet Strategy, New Media & Marketing; I’ve also spent time as a Researcher and Writer. Though, I am also a professional musician – I’d actually gone to college for music performance and education as a classical flutist, and worked both as a teacher and a performer before entering the corporate world.  I spent many of my years doing educational outreach, using music as a method of communicating and uniting with others.  Eventually, this led me to other causes and interests, including research and writing, and has drawn me into many activities that deal with organizational behavior.  As I moved further down the corporate path, I took classes again, in information systems and research, and built a parallel career in online product development and technology consulting, these varying experiences and activities have all worked well together as New Media has grown and I’ve become more involved in the activity of organizing, both professionally and personally.  These experiences have most certainly helped mold me into who I am today, and defined the qualities and any of the leadership skills that I possess.

I’m not wealthy, I’m not famous, I’m really not the least bit special in any way except to those who love and care about me. That makes me just like you and everyone else who cares about our country.  I live with Lupus, a chronic disease that has no cure but is relatively manageable during periods of remission if I attend to it responsibly.  I’ve also had two major spine surgeries, and still cope with some level of permanent spinal cord injury.  I’ve dealt with these medical conditions under all scenarios: with private health insurance, without any health insurance, and with government health insurance. I’m very well versed in what today’s health insurances challenges are, and in what might work best in solving those challenges. Here’s a hint: it’s NOT the federal government.

In today’s political climate, too many Americans ostracize those in the “vocal” minority. As government explodes exponentially at unprecedented rates, we are rapidly losing sight of the America established by our founding fathers.  The US Constitution is supposed to be the guiding force of our sovereign nation and states, yet so few these days know anything about its content. Worse, many do not understand the increased jeopardy in which the Constitution has been placed as the result of this administration’s policies. While the intent I’m sure is good and sincere, Americans must understand that there will be dire consequences to the very fabric and foundation of our nation’s long-standing principles if we allow the government to be involved in so many facets of our lives and to become such a large party of the country’s GDP.  Those of us who believe in our Constitution and have faith in the wisdom of our founding fathers must join together and embark upon a mission to restore its rightful place in today’s society.

As a student in my high school and college years, I was never much into politics.  Hell, I was never much into my studies either – only my musical performance studies. Friends who know me less today than 20 years ago probably know a different person. Well, maybe not so different, but wiser.  Life has taught me many lessons over the years, and I’ve a whole new appreciation for the history behind the creation of this great nation. I feel a sense of guilt for leaning more liberally and being somewhat ignorant in younger years, and I’ve felt a great sense of duty in these last several years to help protect our nation’s history now.  I constantly think back to my grandfather, who fought in the Battle of the Bulge, putting out his “special” flag every Flag Day, Independence Day, Memorial Day and Veterans Day, and going to every town parade…he knew real struggle and I always respected him for it.

I founded LibertyChick.com as my way of contributing to those out there who share similar views as me, who faced challenges and overcame like me, who love the principles for which America stands and want to protect them from being cannibalized due to international pressure and the elitist notions of a handful of super-wealthy philanthropists who barely reside in or were not even born in this great nation. This website serves as a support network to other activists and organizers, providing the research, references and tools to help empower them with information and enable their voices to be heard.

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Download Liberty Chick v-card

Liberty Chick is also on the Advisory Board of The 9.12 Project.
Please take the time to learn more about “The 9-12 Project” by visiting the website at www.the912project.com. The aim of this group is to bring America back to the spirit of patriotism we all felt on September 12th, 2001, the day after the terror attacks on America. On that day, we put American flags out on our porches and windows, we visited friends and neighbors, Congress stood on Capitol Hill and sang “God Bless America”, and yes, we thanked the Wall Street workers who returned as a sign of solidarity to the very site where so many of their friends and co-workers died only days prior. The world watched when that opening bell rang out on the stock market, as we refused to allow the terrorists to win. The principles of our Constitution guided us then, and they must guide us now.

Free markets, free people, free minds.  America must stay that way.


LibertyChick’s posts have been featured on Technorati, and variety of other blogs.  She also writes for Andrew Breitbart’s BigGovernment.com, BigJournalism.com and BigHollywood.com.

LibertyChick can be reached directly at libertychickblog [at] gmail dot com.

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about the 912 project

The 9.12 Project is designed to bring us all back to the place we were on September, 12, 2001. The day after America was attacked we were not obsessed with Red States, Blue States, or political parties. We were united as Americans, standing together as Americans to protect the values and principles of the greatest nation ever created.

912projectOur nation becomes more distanced from our Constitutional roots as each generation passes. When I was in grade school, we spent at least a full month out of the school year on Colonial American history, even living mock lifestyles of the period, and reenacting the creation of many of the historical documents of America. These days, students are taught very little of these documents and of their importance in our country’s governing system today.  In fact, many of the national curriculum in the public school systems instead focus the lesson plans on “What should we change in the Constitution?”. America is facing a Constitutional crisis of epic proportion today, and our country is at risk of losing its identity to years of an expanding government.  The 9.12 Project rests upon the same values as our founding fathers, and provides a framework for uniting citizens to stand together again, as we did on 9/12/2001 – as others did on 7/4/1776 (and 8/2/1776), and on 9/17/1787 – to support and stand up for the miracle of America and its governing system.



libertychickTV3Liberty Chick has gathered up some of her favorite videos from YouTube that were created by other folks who share the same views as you and me, and posted them on the LibertyChickTV channel. Many are 912ers, some are Tea Party supporters, and all are Patriots.  I gathered up these videos and created the LibertyChickTV channel.  Some videos in the “Defending Liberty” playlist are related to the Constitution, some to the 9.12 Project, some to Tea Parties, and some just to general American History and common sense.  There’s also a bonus playlist for “Schoolhouse Rock” videos, because, well, I do mention above that I was of that generation. And it helped me learn, especially things like the Constitution and Declaration of Independence. I think it might be time to bring those back!  You can view some of my favorites right here, and the full list of videos on the LibertyChickTV channel, also available from that page.



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Comments Policy: While I fully support the 1st Amendment to Freedom of Speech, I will only allow constructive comments on this blog. All feedback is encouraged, whether in agreement or in disagreement with any of the viewpoints expressed on this site. I will not; however, approve for posting any comment that consists only of an insult(s), is harassing in any manner, or contains language that is threatening in nature. Readers of this blog may feel free to express their opinions, positive or negative, in an environment absent of unnecessary and unproductive insults.


13 responses to “About

  1. lornakismet

    Excellent blog, Flutemandy. I will come here for resource info. Thank you for formatting this way — I once tried and it just took too much out of me so I know how hard you are working to maintain it.
    Good luck, good spirits, and keep it up!

    Sun, Apr 12, 2009 01:02 PM PST

  2. I was wondering why the link to 912delawarepatriots is not a link? Is there something I can do to help? i am the web guy for that site. I am working on SEO and came across your site. I will place a link to your site in our left column by tomorrow. Thank you for the link .I will be returning the favor asap.
    Keep up the good work! Your site is very well put together.

    • Do you mean on the 912 groups page at http://libertychick.com/the-912-project/the-912-project-family/ ?
      There are two listings, one is hyperlinked, the other lists the URL just beneath it – that’s intended for those who may not have readers that recognize active links and need to copy and paste the URL instead (i.e. some screen readers for disabilities turn off links). If it’s a different page you’re referring to, feel free to email me and let me know, and I’ll correct it. But I couldn’t find anyplace where yours isn’t hyperlinked when I checked.

  3. Richard Colucci

    Good morning Mandy,
    First and foremost thank you for managing this site. I returned from Washington Saturday evening and came to the conclusion that I am not alone in my thinking. In fact it was an overwhelming moment in American history. Would you please advise who would be the contact person for the central New Jersey area? I don’t have a lot of free time, but I can juggle my schedule when necessary. We all need to do more to preserve our constitution rights. Thanks again.

  4. excellent site, I will add you to my site for others to find and read your stuff.

  5. John Watson

    Hi Mandy,

    My name is John Watson of the San Antonio Tea Party, home of the Alamo. What we are attempting to do is to build a data base on a high speed mainframe server of all the tea parties across the nation. This is in an effort to help take back our country.

    I know that this may seem odd or strange to you but a central repository of contact information must be set up without having to go through Google or any other browser to dig up the information.

    Also, if there are other tea parties in Massachusetts that you know of, could you please provide their city/town and contact information?

    If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. After all we are all fighting to take back our country and we need to be united in this effort.

    In Liberty,

    John Watson
    (210)602-5132 (cell)

    • I created a partial database of all Tea Party groups and 912 Project groups across the country and their contacts. Will contact you offline to get you this info. There’s also a national tea party registry that has collected all the groups – will give you that person’s contact info; perhaps all can share/collaborate on the same effort.

  6. Anna, I have created a website that serves as a respository of information on the state of unemployment in the U.S. as well as provides magnetic car ribbons with slogans that express the anger and sentiments felt by unemployed Americans and those that are outraged by the situation. I am attempting to start a groundswell movement to have these slogans be commonplace in our society so that our message will be heard….much the same as the movement for breast cancer awareness. Please visit my website at http://www.VoiceOfUnemployment.com. Many thanks and keep up the good work, Mary

  7. rx

    hey there. wonder if you’re interested in taking a look a a new mashup we just posted to youtube?

    we took obama’s healthcare speech to the joint congress, remixed the words to get him covering taxman, by the beatles.

    here’s the link. if you like it, perhaps you could help get it out there. thanks. and all the best with your efforts.

  8. Liberty Chick,

    Please contact me ASAP, I have been working with RoseAnn in New Jersey and have another big story for you – We need to talk – Thanks – In Christ – Tres Kerns

  9. Hey LC!! I found your blog and I am overwhelmed! So much info, wow. I would like to subscribe to your posts, preferably thru email, but the rss feed button isn’t working. Can’t wait to get into your research resources, thanks!

  10. Phoebe

    Good AM Liberty Chick –

    I was reading one of the articles in an e-mail from Patriot Resistance. In the margin, I saw a teaser for an article by you about SEIU. I read the article and I ultimately ended up here.

    Thank you for being a voice for us; thanks for your time doing this research and disseminating all this information to the many who are looking.

    Your lack of political involvement reminds me a lot of myself. In jr. hi and high school in the late ’60s, early ’70s, I was influenced by the hippie and leftist yammerings about government, etc. I was distrusting of government, as many today are still. And while I’ve always loved this country, I never voted until I was in my 30’s.

    In the past few years have I truly realized that my apathy has contributed to the mess in which our country now finds itself. But I’ve learned that involvement, even if that involvement is only an educated vote, is better than none at all. When I have an opportunity, I urge people to register to vote so that their voice can be heard because their voice DOES matter and WILL BE HEARD. I esp. know that from seeing voting numbers for city council seats in the city that employs me. A So. Calif. city with a population of over 300K, yet in a ward (the city’s area / political divisions) of approx. 45,000 people, only 5,000 are registered to vote… That’s sad. But it was truly my wake-up.

    At any rate, thanks again for your work, your research, your sharing of this very important information and I’ll share this information whenever possible.



    PS – I’d like to subscribe, but the subscription button doesn’t seem to work.

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