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Liberty Chick covers SEIU, social justice groups, and constitution related stories for Andrew Breitbart’s, with secondary posts at BigJournalism & BigHollywood. Check out the latest stories.


Corruption stories, networks and relationships, whistleblower info, and all the financial reports, documents and insider memos to back them up.

SEIU & Other Big Labor

The bigger the labor union, the bigger the empire.  As government grows, the private sector shrinks, and labor unions are making that happen at record-breaking pace.  The road to socialism isn’t such a long one anymore and SEIU is behind the wheel of the bus.  What will you do to stop it?

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Posts on everything from health care, climate change controversy, “Green Jobs Not Jails” program sending prisoners into your home, the power of GE and Google, the government takeover of school loans, congressional hypocrisy, to 912 Project and tea party protests.

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Sometimes my stuff (or I) end up in cool places….

(Also see my other SEIU stories on

A history of US Federal Deficit from the years 1780 to 2019 projected (Obama’s deficit in red)

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Liberty Chick on the Stage Right Show, Livestream on BreitbartTV


Liberty Chick and Alex Marlow Discuss the week’s news from Breitbart’s Big Sites

5/25/2010Liberty Chick and Mike Flynn discuss the Big sites, including the breaking SEIU Protest at a BofA Bank Attorney’s Home



Liberty Chick discusses the Big sites, including the breaking O’Keefe Census videos

Liberty Chick Primary Night Special


The Left Shows Their Tolerance Again

Beck calls out a Liberty Chick piece from BigGovernment
on his radio show, April 8, 2010


Glenn Beck Program

Tea Parties: Media Lies Exposed
5/1/ 2009


Glenn Beck Program

A Mother’s Challenge: a 9/12 Report

Glenn Beck Program

Ask Glenn Anything
4/2/ 2010


8 responses to “View Posts

  1. David Coxe

    Dear Glenn:

    My name is David Coxe and I am a Real Estate broker from New Orleans. I have had run ins with Acorn here in New Orleans and their friends at SEIU via the New Orleans Police Department. I will make the story short and if you wish to contact me for more details please do.

    Acorns attorneys and their friends at NOPD the police union president had me set up on fake rape charges in 1998-99 and had me jailed on phony charges of mental illness when I insisted that my Attorney and the Judge issue warrants for the woman who made of the charges.

    I am not making this up. I have the data to backup my statement

  2. The Glenn Beck Review

    Glenn Beck is not just a liar and a hypocrite. I found him with his “pants down.” Find out more at The Glenn Beck Review.

    Victor Scott Tiffany (aka David Coxe)

    • Liberty Chick

      Hmmmmm….something tells me *you’re* the only one around here with your pants down. In your mother’s basement, no less. Thank God I can’t see that.


      • David Coxe

        Something tells me that you have never ever stood up against anything in your life. If you have ever had the full force and power of the City and State Government come after you just because you would not do anything illegal or unethical, then you might have a clue.

        Chances are you live at home with your mother and are unemployed and have to borrow your moms or girlfriends car to get around. If you have ever worked a day in your life and had ever built up a business, you would sing a different tune.

      • David Coxe

        Please know that you made the first insulting remarks by insulting my character. I own my own business and have since 1989 and was forced into a situation by your friends at Acorn and Seiu. I was almost killed.

        I resent Governments protection of these Criminals and Governments willingness to jump into bed with them. Because of Corruption I spent 4 1/2 month in a cell on bogus Rape charges and lost everything I had worked for in 1999.

        Regardless of the risks, I hired another attorney from Baton Rouge, Louisiana and he hired a private investigator to go under cover at Acorn and NOPD to find out what really was going on. And trust me when I say I was pulled over by the Police every time I got into my truck and threatened with comments that I did not know what I was messing with.

        My liberty was stolen from me and any sense that I am an American. I want these Dirt Bags at Acorn put under the cell and I will not stop till it happens.

        Please do not act offended when I fire back after you send a personal attack. I am no wall flower.

    • OK, well first of all, this is MY site, Mr. COXe. (er…I mean Mr. Victor Scott Tiffany).
      “Dear Glenn” belongs addressed to another site altogether, so don’t do it on mine. My site is also not a place for you to advertise your weirdo blog. You have quite a few conspiracies to promote, don’t you?

      Secondly, you’re kidding, right?
      “live at home with your mother and are unemployed and have to borrow your moms or girlfriends car to get around. If you have ever worked a day in your life and had ever built up a business, you would sing a different tune.”

      You’d think someone who brags incessantly on his blog about having a PhD would be able to read a little more thoroughly.

      Did you READ my bio? You could not be more wrong about me. I’ve worked since I was 15 yrs old and have busted my ass every step of the way to become successful at what I do. Including having owned my own business.

      By the way, my name’s Mandy. That’s a female name. “Liberty Chick” also implies I am a female. Apparently you don’t get that. I don’t borrow a “girlfriend’s” car – I don’t swing that way. Sorry to disappoint you.

      This is not a Glenn Beck site, David/Victor. If you want to bash him, go to his site not mine. Now move along to your Media Matters and News Hounds (and Brave New Films, in the same building) worshiping from your upstate NY home. Oh, and no one give a crap about your DeVry Tech certificate and your mail-order PhD. Stop acting like an elitist. “Lincolnian Republican” – that’s hilarious.

      I am always willing to have civil debate with anyone on the substance of issues. You sir have no such intent, so be off with you… move along please… Gnats annoy me.

      • Good Morning.

        I was doing a little research yesterday and came across your site in the process.

        In the comments above it appears that Victor Tiffany has engaged in a bit of sock puppetry.

        Is that a correct assessment?

        The reason I ask is that Mr. Tiffany has now appeared on the site where I am an author as well.

  3. David Coxe

    I have one major question I really wish someone could answer for me about Acorn: Why has the news media for the last 20 years protected acorn along with the U/S. Attorney’s office in every State ACORN WAS LOCATED?

    Why would Government especially HUD get in bed with Acorn and then why won’t the Feds do a complete investigation on HUD ‘s Relationship with Acorn. I was almost killed in New Orleans because of these people and my hatred of them and the Feds is such that I really want all of them to go to prison. They destroyed my life and I will never be the same. They should have just killed me when they had the chance and they could cover it all up.

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