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77 responses to “Home

  1. Debbie Miller

    Thank YOU for putting this information together in one central place. It has been maddening to try and chase all this info and these websites and try to stay up to speed.

    Thanks a bunch!
    a fellow patriot

  2. Robert Riepe

    Looks like you have some good information here but I will have to look closer. While on your site I didn’t see a link to 912candidates.org. I found it interesting you might also. Will check back periodically to check you out some more.

  3. Check out a great idea for S.S. reform, “Lock Box Lie” posted on waylandsmalley.com

  4. My name is Bill Lee, and I plan on running for the US Senate in Illinois in 2014.
    I hope you will help, by spreading the word.
    You can learn about me at WilliamLee2014.org

  5. Scott Bartlett

    The stadium of Fire should be great — been there several times. My son left last night for Provo to help set up and tear down. Keep up your great work


  6. Hi, Good speaking with you on the conference call tonight. Do you have the url for the NJteaparty united web site?

  7. Hello,

    I am requesting your assistance in my Grassroots Challenge I have recently submitted to the “Powers that Be.” Will you please join and help spread the word?


    Thank you,

    Jeff Pritchard,
    founder Freedom of Religion, Arms, & Commerce in America

  8. Julia Florez


    My husband and I and possibly a couple of friends want to attend the March on 9/12 but are not sure where to start. Hotels, transportation etc. Can you please advise. We are out of Freeehold, New Jersey in Monmouth County.

    Thank you for your time.

  9. As I point out in my editorial on SpecialOpsAndNews.com, this entire “race” card issue – now anointed by Jimmy Carter – is part of the liberal plan to distract the American people from the failing Obama health care bill – which will cost Obama serious political clout when it’s finally taken off of liberal life support.

  10. rightbill

    Hey ther – I just put you on my list of links – Thanks for your site!


  11. Amazing site! Very informative.

  12. Frank J. Festa

    Did you know about the Missing U.S. Soldier?


    I would like to join, can you help? Regards,

  13. The 50th state is here!!! Maui is in the fight to take our country back. I have helped formed the Maui Tea Party, became the Maui County Republican Party Communication Director and CEO Aloha Patriots all since the 100th day when Obama waved a Tea Bag at me. Big mistake, Huge mistake. You are welcome here any time. Aloha Ryan Kerr

  14. Become educated on the complete progressive movement. No conservative movement will be in the right direction without this information. It is the information the far left doesn’t want known. (www.reasonfound.com)

  15. Frank Festa

    Why is a request for Voter Registration on my NJ Vehicle Registration Renewal Application? Who apporved this?

  16. Frank Festa

    The administration is out of control:

    “White House to propose plan to recoup bailout costs” He will charge the Banks for the Auto Bail-out!

  17. Frank Festa

    “Banks Brace for Bailout Fee”

    Read this:



  18. Frank Festa

    Haiti: Governments across the world were pouring relief supplies and medical teams into the quake-hit Caribbean state, already the poorest in the Western Hemisphere. But huge logistical hurdles, including a clogged airport and badly damaged port, and the sheer scale of the destruction meant aid was not yet reaching hundreds of thousands of victims. However, where is the Cuban Government and the other Communist Governments in the hemisphere?

  19. Bob Jones

    What I find is missing is freedom and democracy in the workplace.

    Both of the major political parties in the US are right wing. There is no real left wing alternative like there is elsewhere in the world.

    • Frank J. Festa

      Join the socialist labor party of move out of the country. Regards,

    • leont

      Communists/”liberals” and the likes just never learn. Study world’s history, look back as far as you can, and find a single example when any utopian idea was implemented without a sea of blood. American-Constitution-style capitalism is as close to the perfection as probably possibly. Your ability to post comments on this blog is a proof of it.

  20. Anonymous

    Goddamn Nazi! I hope they round up all the conservatives and put em into reeducation camps!

  21. Frank Festa

    Who will run for the Local School Board in New Jersey this year?

  22. Frank Festa

    Speaker Nancy Pelosi flatly stated that the Senate must pass a fix to the health care bill before the House will pass the Senate bill.

    Read about it:


  23. Dan

    Just found you, LC, and I’ll be following you!
    Keep up the good work!
    And Thank You.

  24. Anonymous

    Great blog! Will you add me to your blog roll? I’ll add you to mine!

    The Real Polichick

  25. Phoebe

    I just found “Liberty Chick” cheers!! Back in Jan. “Basculus” quoted Pres. Eisenhower, then Liberty Chick wrote about the Eagle needs two wings. The other wing to unions would be Pres. Reagen who stood his ground with the Air Traffic Controlers, remember. That is why free enterprise works. There are both wings built in. It either succeeds or goes under. Unions in government have no second wing.
    Thanks for what you are doing.

    • Liberty Chick

      Thank you for understanding the Eagle reference. That’s another good analogy, to apply it to unions in government – I’ll have to make a graphic for that one.

      I can’t believe how many people have no idea that’s where right wing / left wing comes from. How does anyone think the Eagle could fly with only one wing? (especially only a left wing!)

      • Art LeDoux

        Why should I be removed Frank? I have asked
        you questions in a respectful way. I have not
        and will not use inappropriate language, nor
        have I threatened you in any way.
        I don’t like censorship, maybe you do?
        See you on the IBEW Web Boards Frank.
        Art LeDoux, you know the guy you called your
        Union Brother just this morning!

      • Art LeDoux

        A Hack for Local 364? Nice name calling.
        You go on to say you are well aware of
        who I am, Why don’t you tell me about
        myself? By the way maybe you could write
        my local and let them know I am a hack for them
        they’ll think I’m on their side!
        Hope to hear from you soon
        Art LeDoux

  26. Frank Festa

    Regarding Union’s, why not tell the story about the AFL-CIO and the Communist!

  27. Frank Festa

    As you know I am a former member of the IBEW along with Brother Richard Bruce “Dick” Cheney. Are you saying that all former members of the IBEW are Communist? And now that you know will you withdraw your membership? Regards,

    • Billy

      No I am saying you are a cock smoking conservative who has no idea of freedom in your support of conservative crooks!

    • Art LeDoux

      Are you the same Frank Festa who claims to
      be a member of IBEW L.U.102, the same one
      who post’s on IBEW websites like:
      IBEW Friends and Family,
      ETC. ???????
      Art LeDoux

    • Art LeDoux

      Frank the article you cite has nothing to do with
      me. You state”Thugs on this site”.
      I sincerely hope you are not implying that I am
      a “Thug”? please clarify this.
      Art LeDoux

  28. Art LeDoux

    I read all kinds of things Frank, I believe this
    is a Free country and I have the right to do so.
    Why do you seek to have me censored?
    I have only asked respectful questions of
    you, and I have never threatened you.
    I have not come on this web site knocking
    any ones views, I have not disputed any of
    the views either. I feel it’s anyone’s right
    to have their opinion and this is their
    place to have their conservative opinion.
    Why do you go on Union websites, smearing
    Union beliefs and claiming to be a member
    and then come here and feel you can be free
    to stifle someone else?
    Art LeDoux

    • Frank Festa

      “…I have never threatened you.”

      “See you on the IBEW Web Boards Frank.”

      Art LeDoux,

      Art, I believe that we can agree to disagree agreeably.

    • Art LeDoux

      Thank you for proving my point Frank!
      Art LeDoux

  29. Frank Festa

    “Spread The Truth”


  30. ladynite54

    Hello Mandy,

    Good to see you are still holding it down, fighting the good fight.

    A lot of us are still out in the trenchs, We are the Foot Soldiers, We are going to take back our country, city by city! I am the black women who met you at the Mother’s Challenge Show on Glenn Beck.

  31. Frank Festa

    Obama, stark message: Read this: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/us_obama

  32. Frank Festa

    “Posts Tagged ‘IBEW’”

    Read this:


  33. Frank Festa

    “Obama clashes with gay rights hecklers in L.A.”

    Read this:


  34. Frank Festa

    “Many union officials have ordered or approved of violent, coercive, and harassing conduct aimed at making an example of employees who don’t toe the union line.”

    Read this:


  35. Daniel Shays

    Looking into Idylc. Any information you might have would be greatly appreciated.


  36. You’re doing a great job! Love the posts!

    Here’s a little morning inspiration!
    Hopefully the lyrics will touch home for your readers as they do for me… Best wishes in your pursuit of truth.


  37. Frank Festa

    “The labor leaders said the current crisis shows the need for “fundamental” change.”

    Read about it:


  38. Frank Festa

    This first step in the creation of a global union

    Read this:


  39. Barbara

    Hi – I’d love if your posts could be dated.


  40. Frank Festa

    “…the government can still use bureaucratic procedure to further delay drilling…:

    Read about this:


  41. Frank Festa

    The future of hundreds of road and building plans throughout Chicago are at stake.

    Read this:


  42. Frank Festa

    “racist elements” within the Tea Party?

    Read this:


  43. Frank Festa

    “…some 25 percent of American farmworkers are undocumented migrants.”

    Read about this:


  44. Wow,everything I need is all here. Thanks